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 How is BCB Going Green?

BCB Community Bank is taking the initiative to offer our customers products and services that requires less waste and the ability to view and access their accounts quickly. Going Green is about consuming less but providing more to our Customers. Join BCB Community Bank in creating a cleaner environment for ourselves and for the future.

What can I do to Go Green as a Customer?

  • Sign up for online banking
  • Converting your passbook accounts to a statement account*
  • Sign up for eStatements

*Please be advised that when you are converting your passbook account you are opening a new statement account. Please click here for the list of documents you will need to open a new account. If you receive Direct Deposit you will need to inform them of the change in account number.

eStatement FAQ

Q. What is an eStatement?
A. eStatement is an electronic statement that replaces the current paper statements.

Q. Is there a cost to convert to eStatement?
A. No there is no cost in receiving your statements through eStatement.

Q. Will my eStatement look the same as my regular paper statement?
A. eStatements will have the same information as your current statement but will be interactive and have any updated information that you can view immediately. Your eStatement will have links that will direct you to any new products or events BCB Community Bank may be offering.

Q. How do I access my monthly eStatement?
A. 1. If you have registered via Online Banking to view your statements log in and click the "View Statement" Action in the "Snap Shot" or "Accounts" Tab.
2. If you have registered via eDelivery you will receive an email monthly with a link to your statements.

Q. How will I be notified that my eStatement is ready?
A. You will receive an email when your eStatement is ready.
If you are registered via Online Banking it will be sent to the email you have linked to your Access ID.
If you are registered via eDelivery it will be sent to the email you signed up with.

Q. How many months of eStatement history can I access?
A. If you are registered via Online Banking you can view the last 2 years of eStatements from the time you registered for eStatements. If you are registered via eDelivery you can access any of the statements that you have saved in your email folders or on to your PC; you can also request past statements be redelivered via email.

Q. Can I view and print checks with eStatement?
A. By clicking on the check number on the statement, another window with your check image will appear for you to view or print. (If check does not open in a new window you may want to enable "Allow pop-ups from this website" so that you can view your checks.)

Q. What if I am unable to print my eStatement?
A. If you are unable to print out your statement you can visit one of our convenient locations and a BCB Community Bank employee will gladly assist you. Additionally you can call and request a paper statement to be mailed to you. Please call (201) 823-0700.

Q. Can I convert back to paper statements later?
A. Yes, if you wish to convert back to paper statement please call (201)-823-0700 or you can use the “Contact Us” service to request for paper statements.

Q. What do I do if I see an error on my eStatement?
A. If there is a discrepancy on your eStatement you can visit your local branch or call for assistance. Please call (201) 823-0700.

Q. How do I setup my account to receive eStatements?
A. Once you have registered for online banking click on "User Services" and click on "Electronic Only Statement Delivery." You will then be notified by email when your eStatement is available.

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