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 QR Codes

At BCB Community Bank we aim to make sure customers have no limitation on how they receive information about products and services that interest them. QR codes are the next step in making sure you as a customer are unrestricted at accessing what you want, when you want it. Please take the time to read what a QR code is and how it can help you and BCB Community Bank gain a stronger bond in communication.

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QR Code


Q. What is a QR code?
A. QR stands for Quick Response; it is a barcode that you scan with your smartphone. After scanning the barcode content will be delivered to your Smart Phone.

Q. Do I have a QR reader?
A. Some Smartphones have a QR application already installed into them. If you don't have the application installed on your phone simply search in your App. Store or Marketplace for a QR reader and download the application.

Q. How do I use the QR reader?
A. After downloading the application your phone should now have a QR icon, you simply need to choose the application and your screen should turn into camera mode. Aim your phone at the QR code and the application will automatically identify the code and then ask if you would like to receive the content.

Q. How is BCB Community Bank planning on using QR codes?
A. BCB Community Bank may have QR codes on statements, emails, ATMs and at your local branches. These codes will direct you to any offers, services, alerts or events that BCB Community Bank is having.

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